The Path to balance

Shiatsu: Therapeutic principles

Having its source in Chinese traditional medicine, Shiatsu teaches to perceive human health as a whole -- physical, psychological and mental -- according to the theory of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are two poles of energy which are both opposites and complementary, and they are connected to the Five Elements which stimulate and preserve any form of life in the universe.

Shiatsu uses touch to restore the circulation of vital energy in the zones of the body where it is lacking or in excess.
Shiatsu is practised by exerting relatively strong pressure with the fingers (but also palms, fists, elbows, knees and even feet) to precise points, the tsubos(points of acupuncture) located along the meridian lines and governing a body or a specific function.
Depending on the energy imbalance, the practitioner can call upon other techniques (kneading, rotating, stretching or vibrating) to eliminate blockages, stimulate weak points and activate the natural forces of self-healing.

Table of the characteristics of the 5 elements - 5 bodies

Chinese elements Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Season Spring Summer "Indian summer" Autumn Winter
Associated organ Gall bladder Small intestines Stomach Large intestines Bladder
Taste Acid Mild Bitter Pungent Salty
Odor Rancid Burned Perfumed Acrid Putrid
Psychic direction Anger Joy, excitation Concern Sadness Fear
Great speciality Blood Psychism Flesh Energy Will
Attitude Walking Observation Seated Lengthened Upright
Senses Sight Taste Touch Smell Hearing
Body fluid Tears Sweat Saliva Spittle Urine
Color Blue, green Red Yellow White Black
Climate Wind Heat Moisture Dryness Cold
Organ Nails Tints Flesh Hair Hair
Season of aggravation Autumn Winter Spring Summer Indian Summer
Season of improvement Summer Indian Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Cardinal points East South Center West North
Personalities Peace Activity Tranquility Firmness Movement
Reaction to the changes Seizure Sadness Yellowing Cough Shiver
Tendencies to call out to laugh to sing to shout to groan
Virtues Charity Mysticism Fidelity Justice Wisdom
Meat Sheep Chicken Ox Horse Pig
Vegetable Mauve Leek Lettuce Shallot Onion
Cereal Millet Corn Rye Rice Beans