The Path to balance

History of Shiatsu

At the beginning of the 20th century, Japanese Tokujiro Namikoshi (1905-2000) was at the origin of the creation of modern Shiatsu, resulting from the traditional Japanese massage Anma. He developed his technique as of the seven years age whereas he tried to relieve faintnesses of his mother suffering from rheumatoid polyarthritis. He noted that she was smelled better when he used of pressure with his inches instead of touch and of massage. Her evils finally disappeared and she lived in good health until the 88 years age.

Namikoshi stressed physiology and the anatomy and forsaken the function of the meridian lines, to make Shiatsu more accessible to the Western way of thinking.

A few years later, Shizuto Masunaga, student of Namikoshi, reintroduced with the practice of Shiatsu the theory of Chinese Traditional Medicine (Five Elements, Yin and Yang, Meridians).

Two principal schools of thought are found today :

Today in France, independently of the school of thought chosen, the teaching of Shiatsu includes necessarily, apart from practical work, the training of the bases of Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Shiatsu in Japan

In Japan, the Ministry for Health officially recognized, since 1955, Shiatsu like medicine.
Today, it is practised through all Japan and meets an always favorable echo in spite of the mondialized levelling which moves away from the traditions. Usually used in the centers of baths or the private clinics, Shiatsu belongs to the practices of therapeutic hygiene whose bases belong to the unconscious collective and are not at any time discussed or called into question.

Shiatsu in Europe

The European Parliament voted a resolution, on May 29, 1997, recognizing Shiatsu like one of the eight methods of complementary medicine "worthy of interest".
This text lets suppose that the decision falls from now on the Member States...
But under the pressure of the doctors and the kinesitherapists (as in France) the legislator is long much in recognizing them... Meanwhile, in spite of the reserve posted in official circles, the various methods of alternative medicine are increasingly popular in Europe as in France.