The Path to balance

Practice of Shiatsu in cabinet

Shiatsu is practised on the ground, a mattress or a towel, in lying position. The client is in general dressed, preferably with flexible clothing.

There are several reasons to work on the ground:
- while kneeling, the practitioner carries out rocking movements from the hara (the energy center of the body, located under the belly button). Because of swinging, the practitioner works with the energy of the hara and all his body and not only with his arms.
- the fact of supporting on the precise points of the body causes a reaction of the ground: so the patient receives the energy of the sky through the fingers of the practitioner, and the energy of the Earth through the ground. In the case of a softer support, for example a bed, the beneficial effect related to the ground is almost non-existent.
The session last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Practice of Shiatsu at home

Shiatsu at home is carried out in the same way as at the cabinet, while taking account of space available at the patient's home.
If the mobility of the patient does not enable him to lengthen on the ground, it is possible to take care of the client in a bed.